Betting Contract and its Rules
Terms of 'company', 'we' and 'to us' in the contract refer to site. Term of 'web site' refers to site being in the address of URL

Provision of confidentiality involves data which are processed in the web site. By depending on the other conditions the provision of confidentiality is used about any information to be given by client through web site or any other way, or specifying the client if he/she is competent to bet or not, or processing bets, or to keep accounts of the client.

As internet is a global framework, we may have to make data transfer internationally in order to acquire data and put them in process. Some of our processors that are processing personal information may be outside of European Economic Area. You will be deemed as approved the processing of your personal information in this way by entering this web site and making contact with us electronically.

As subject to approval of the client, from time to time Company may communicate with the client about new products or services. At the same time, subject to approval of the client, from time to time Company may give the personal information in regard with the products or services to other companies and trading partners that are able to communicate with the client.

All bets accepted by the Company are subjected to the provisions of this Contract. All bets placed at the sports pages of this web site are deemed to be made at FutureOdds Ltd. C188123, 893, 13/17 Street, Valletta, VLT 1548 Malta.

Clients must be account holders at the address of in order to be assumed that they accept the provisions of this contract. As a stipulation client declares to understand and accept the provisions as a whole.

Company reserves the right to change in the provisions of the contract. Any change made in the contract is published at web site. Clients must be older than 18 years old age.

Clients must open an account to deposit money by applying to our agencies in order to benefit from betting services. Clients who want to draw money must also to apply to our agencies.

Clients can place bets as much as the money amount they have deposited.

Clients are responsible for their own account numbers and codes. The bets that are placed by the third persons who have this information are considered as valid.

Clients can draw money from their accounts at will. For drawing money payments have to be accepted.

Company reserves the right to close a client account without any reason. In this case, the money kept at the account and the sums that are won returned to client by the agency after the betting results have been announced.
If any amount is by mistake deposited in client account, client shall be responsible for informing the mistake to the Company. Otherwise all bets that have been placed and won based on this mistake shall be cancelled.

Objections and complaints in regard with the bets, payments or any other processes must be made to the Company within 15 days following the date in which betting or process have been made. Bets are calculated according to the results announced by the Company. Any disagreement comes into question if there are any official documents of the relevant sports federation. Company reserves the right to make a decision for any subject that is not involved by these rules and web site contents by considering its own tangible assets. In subjects that have not been resolved by the parties, disagreement may be brought into local courts of Malta. The decision of the arbitrage is bounding for both sides.

Betting is considered valid after being confirmed and giving it a betting number (ID). When betting is confirmed the money deposited is drawn from the client’s account. In case of dispute any print or recipt that is having no provision. Company reserves the right to accept or reject a betting. Client must control all details of the betting before placing a bet. Confirmed bets are not cancelled or changed.